They may be small, but their futures are Big! 
Small world bangalore, is a well established Nursery school, that has played an integral role in moulding hundreds of little ones! 
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Small World Nursery School was started in 1987, by Mrs Tehmina Barker.

It incorporates the best of the Montessori Method of teaching and the best of the Playway method of teaching.

After so many years Mrs Barker has developed her own unique method of teaching and getting through to young minds. Always giving them something to think about, instilling a thirst for knowledge at an early age.



Mrs Barker believes this generation of children are so intelligent that she treats them like they are mentally ahead of their physical age.

This helps in increasing their mental acumen and enhances their grasp and confidence.









The Barker Method of teaching, has obviously worked, since the first batch of students are now well placed professionals in a variety of large corporateā€™s, world wide.

This goes to show that the basic foundation that each child receives is so strong that it enables each one to become an excellent student, in whatever field they choose.