They may be small, but their futures are Big! 
Small world bangalore, is a well established Nursery school, that has played an integral role in moulding hundreds of little ones! 
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A typical School year at Small World is full of fun and learning is so diverse,
that it touches on every subject that a child might come across in his or her young life,
providing that much needed foundation that will enable them to blossom into independent and confident individuals.
We get them ready to join the bigger, regular schools with absolute confidence, no trauma and no pressure.

Academic Curriculum


All basics are covered in a happy relaxed environment.

Extra Curricular Activities


Fun and exciting activities that help our young ones to learn and expand their horizons like, Market day, Field trips, Magic shows and much much more.


We also have a Christmas Carnival and a Graduation party! Cause you’re never too BIG for SMALL WORLD!



Field Trips, market day, Christmas parties and more... Make school at Small World an experience that will help your child get the perfect grounding he or she needs !
Playtime is taken very seriously at Small world.
Children learn to interact and share

Learning is conducted through various mediums, making it the perfect environment for all round growth!

Art, craft and handwork are a regular part of school work

Learning is conducted in a happy and relaxed environment.
Making everyday FUN is important to us.