They may be small, but their futures are Big! 
Small world bangalore, is a well established Nursery school, that has played an integral role in moulding hundreds of little ones! 
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Our little princess spent just one year at Small World. How we wish if we could have relocated to Bangalore sooner and relish the charms of this school for some more time. Small World has been a wonderful and transforming journey for our little princess. Not even once did she throw trantrums for not going to school. And here is why:

Teachers handle the kids very well, we never heard of any teacher scolding a child. Emphasis is given on grammatically correct spoken English and this resulted in drastic improvement of the language in our child. Not to mention the high confidence level that it brings alongwith. Kids are encouraged to say or ask anything without getting reprimanded. We found teaching style of English alphabet to be very methodical. It started with simple letters like L,T,I,H,E,F.....unlike the conventional sequential A,B,C,D...... And the various interesting tattoos on back of the hands, which our child was super-excited to show at home.

Our special heartfelt thanks to the school for making field-trips so memorable and pleasurable. Kids do enjoy going outdoors, come home happily and forget about it the next day. But our special thanks is attributed to the fact that each field trip is concluded by a memento which the child carries home and so remembers it :) For example, trip to a dentist clinic was concluded by gifting each kid a toothbrush, thus emphasising on the importance of brushing. Few of the trips which we remember:

Trip to - Memento

Dentist - Toothbrush
Post Office - Postcard (containing tiny cute drawing and colouring by our kid; and we have kept it in the memoirs for gifting her when she grows up.)
Aquarium - Fish (Which is all grown up now!)
Nursery - Plant
Pottery - Pot

It was such a delight to see our little one taking care of these small special gifts and learning about big things of life in a small way.
Another remarkable concept of teaching value of money is the Market Day which the school conducts towards the end of academic year. Kids are required to carry 5 rupee coins and they can buy whatever item they want from different categories - veggies/fruits/chocolates/snacks. What a simple yet wonderful concept for small little wonders.

Finally, how we wish the school could upgrade to class XII and kids never have to leave such a loving and open environment. A distant dream though!

Thanks a million to Tammy mam and all the staff for letting our little one blossom into a confident and daring human being.

Thanks a lot.
Kanwaldeep and Jasleen
Parents of Nimrit Kaur
July 2017

My son Tahaan started his journey at Small World when he was three years old and has loved every minute of it. It was a pleasant surprise to see him waking up every morning asking when the school will start. We loved watching him grow everyday in his vocabulary, demeanour, and knowledge. Mrs. Barker and her team are simply magicians, and have really set strong foundation for Tahaan’s future. My child loves going to school, thanks to “Tammy aunty”. The confidence and the learning he has gained from Small World is incredible.

It was the best decision to put Tahaan in Small World. We can’t thank Mrs. Barker enough for taking such good care of our child. And he has learnt to color within the lines, which he really wants to show to you Mrs. Barker.

- Anu & Samarth Nautiyal
Parents of Tahaan Nautiyal
July 2016

Our daughter Riti just spent two wonderful, fun-filled years at Small World. We have seen her blossom from a shy two year old to a confident 4 year old who loved going to school. The teachers at Small World have made sure she learnt a lot more than what regular preschools teach. She has enjoyed all of her numerous field trips which have not only been educational but a lot of fun too. Thank you for everything that each one of you do at Small World!

Thank you,
Deepa and Mandar Mathure
April 2016

When it was time to put my daughter into a pre primary school, as parents our unanimous decision was to put in Small World.

As a parent if believe in development and character of a child, the school which the child is attending plays an equally if not more important role as the parents and believe me Small World did the same for our daughter.

For instance, I remember the first time I took her there, she was not able to converse well with the other children as she was used to speaking her mother tongue.

But within a course of two months she evolved into a beautiful communicator, she was clear in her ex-pression and vocabulary. Now it's been two years and the changes which I  see in her are really satisfactory as far as her age is concerned.

We wanted a school where is she happy and could grow and learn. It a great place. Teachers are excellent and I am very happy with school.



Our child Ridhi is almost completing her second year of nursery in Small world nursery school by this month end, We just felt like sharing our experience  about the school which was really wonderful. The daily activity was fun and   learning too , really a unique way of teaching with lot creative and variety of activities, most of all she loved going to school, teachers are child friendly and it has a great ambience. Thanks each and everybody of The Small World family

Sushma n Dr Girishankar Hegde

Mrs. Barker and her team of teachers are like experienced and expert conductors, knowing the strength and weakness of every child, improving and orchestrating their growth in these early formative years. The way they manage and polish these raw bundles of energies are a pleasure to watch. Though a strict disciplinarian, kids love their ‘Tammy aunty' more than their favorite super hero.

We are extremely satisfied for having enrolled our son in Small World Nursery School. May God Bless you and teachers for your wonderful care and wish you all the very best to shape young minds for many years to come.

Biju George
F/O Joel Mathew Paalamootil

My daughter, Jahanara passed out from Small World.She was there for 3 years.

Loved it from the beginning till the time she left. Very very fond of Tammy as she really encouraged her in her writing and her art. Janu loved the art room. Tammy had a very systematic way of teaching when she taught the kids to write she did strokes first the kids hands became steady because of this so when they went into the mainstream they coped very well.

She gave out fantastic worksheets they were really interesting made them colour it sometimes. When Jahanara got into Bishop Cottons her foundation was so solid she did brilliantly till the time she was there. Even in Goa she did really well and was praised for her handwriting which of course the beginning was at small world.

The atmosphere, the love, the encouragement, the care, she got at small world she still remembers today and sends a teacher's day card to Tammy every year. She is what she is today because of a well grounded school atmosphere at the age of 3.




Do not control her free spirit ever and watch the heights Shayna reaches", are the words the amazing Mrs. Tammy Barker told us when we went to pick up our daughter on her "graduation day" at Small Wonder back in the year 2005. And she could not be more right! The confidence with what those tiny tots walk out of Small World, the amazing grasp on vocabulary, the skills they procure are something only a magician can inculcate in children .

Small World is one of the best pre-schools we would recommend any parent looking around to put their children into. Its a place our kids woke up with a huge smile and ran into the gates of each morning and its a place we hold very dear in our hearts as we give all the credit to Mrs. Barker and the solid foundation she has given our 2 children.

If only there was more than One Small world and if only there were many more Mrs. Tammy Barker's, children all around the city would be blessed!



Dear Ms. Tehmina Barker,

I am writing on behalf of my grandson KANDAN K.L. about our wonderful experience of Small World Nursery School.

We were fortunate to know about the school through Ms. Ranjini, Manager, SBM who was instrumental in Kandan joining the school.

We consider that the two years that Kandan spent with Small World was the happiest, with tremendous improvement in Kandan's learning ability, spoken English, articulation and other activities. We are grateful for the school for the special interest it takes in teaching the children in all activities, behavior, teaching methods as well as outdoor activities such as visit to post office, HAL exhibition etc.

The school not only helped Kandan in his learning abilities but also was instrumental in the admission to FAPS.

We will always be grateful for the school and its wonderful teachers and particularly your personal involvement in the growth and improvement of Kandan.

Kandan's parents M.L.Karthik and Vasanthi Karthik joins me in thanking you and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

With kind & warm regards,

M. Lokaraj
Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry

When I think of Small World, the first thought that comes to my mind is that “Her basement is laid by the best people at the best place”.

I am amazed with what kind of wonders had happened here

  • In shaping her personality

  • The way she picked up the vocabulary, her verbal communication

  • The way she has developed her skills in arts and crafts

I understand the extent of attention the kids receive at the school in the way she explains the finest detail about how she performs each activity.

They understand the strength and weakness of the kid that helps them to guide them in the right way.

They have taken interest in taking the kids to outdoor activities like trip to HAL exhibition, Post office, dental visit etc..

The parties like Children's day, Christmas party, Market day etc.. that happened in the school were really a refresher for the kids and I saw them enjoying to a very great extent

Tammy Aunty & Small world are the buzz words for my kid. Even during her play time she tries to imitate her Tammy Aunty and she wants me to play the role of Shanta Aunty and the game goes on.

She loves small world to an extent that she would make a lot of fuss to stay @ home even during sickness.

Overall, I would recommend SMALL WORLD to whomever I know since I am completely satisfied with the place and what she has learnt from here.

And I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Mrs.Barker and the team of teachers who worked in shaping up Kruthilayaa.

- Durga

Magic does happen!

To start with, allow me to offer a toast to myself for the decision to get 'Aishanvi' to join Small World, a decision to cherish forever, and its all for one person the effervescent yet engrossed educationist, curious and loving, a trailblazer, an entrepreneur and a totally 'striking personality' who has touched many lives and changed them for good.

If you ask me - Magic does happen when the master magician Mrs. Tammy is around and she has touched our lives with her magic wand of thorough experience in cultivating the right amount of knowledge, spirit and all round development in her pupil.

The ingredients are to perfection and the Master Chef with her expert crew is bringing international standards of education to our children, we couldn't be luckier....

Its just the mystical powers of Mrs. Tammy, we have been grinning and beaming all the way with the transformation of our daughter's behaviour, her interest in school went from zero to zoom, the cute yet accurate vocabulary, her refined mannerisms, her interest in 'homework', her enthusiasm to go to school and her genuine fondness for Mrs. Tammy who showered incredible love on Tutu and all the kids in school....

Every other week was like 'surprise surprise' when she used to utter really tough words effortlessly and accurately while walking the walk and talking the talk!

It was a learning experience not just for our kid, but for us too. We all learned together to reach great heights without much brouhaha and Mrs. Tammy's teaching style has filled our house with brightness and ambitiousness.

Every small and big thing like going to the market place, the tiny fish we got home, the drawings and paintings, those lovely stamps on homework pages, the tattoos and so much more, but of all it was her personal touch for each kid is what awakened my kid too - we saw the miracle happen!

Aishanvi is in a perfect world when she is at school with Mrs. Tammy around, she has gained the vocab of an orator and confidence of an emperor. This is all happening in front of our eyes th tiny little girl was becoming an introvert before and then Small World brought out her natural flair, added dollops of love and realistic coaching and brought the real enthusiastic self of my kid to the fore.

While there is much more to write for awestruck parents like us about this magnificent institute, I will just wrap my thoughts up with these words - We are completely delighted with the attitude that our kid has acquired at Small World and it's all due to to the vivacious, humble and loving Mrs. Tammy and her wonderful staff.

We wish her great health and astounding success in all she does and that she continues to change lives the way only she can do...

Cheers to Small World School and we just don't have enough words to thank the Magician enough!

Lots of love....

Dhiraj and Gitika Gupta

Admitting our daughter Aayusshi to Small World Nursery School in Indiranagar was one of the best decision we have taken.

There was never a single day that our daughter wanted to miss the school. This is a proof that she was enjoying, having fun and most importantly learning new things. The unique and systematic way of teaching helped our daughter to understand things easily.

Small World has great teachers. Starting from Ms. Tehmina Barker, Ms. Shantha, Ms. Neevi.... And also a wonderful set of friends. All these names have become part of our lives and we are grateful for the attention and care they provide for our daughter.

We are sure, the strength and confidence our daughter gained in the last 2 years will help her overcome any obstacles in future.

We would also like to express our warm thanks to everyone at Small World for mentally preparing our daughter to welcome her younger sister to this world.

Thank you Ms. Tehmina Barker and all the staff for creating such a wonderful place and nurturing young minds.

Veema & Subaiah

"My son spent one academic year at Small World, and we feel it's the best decision we've made for his education so far.

The school has very effectively shaped his talents and brought out new ones from within. Small World has introduced him to interesting new concepts through their field trips and craft activities.

He thoroughly enjoys all school activities both at school, and at home!

We see Small World as the best stepping stone we could have provided our son before he enters formal schooling in kindergarten.

Thank you, Small World and all your excellent staff. Ms. Barker, you have made a big positive impact in our son's life!"

- Lakshmi Nayar

Wowww... what an experience we have had through our child at Small World. Absolutely overwhelmed to write this.

Kudos to the entire staff who have groomed and guided our little Son to a smart , well mannered little boy.

When our child Neil Devaya joined Small World we were anxious first time parents with so many thoughts running through our minds.It just took him 2 weeks to feel comfortable at  school and he's grown each passing day with so much of love and laughter here.

He has learnt to identify, reason, to differentiate good and bad, to treat people equally and to share all his amazing thoughts and ideas and all this through the numerous practical experiences in school and school off sites.We owe Small World the credit of it all.

He loves writing and reading by himself and he asks us when in doubt.He does all this with his own will and its an absolute delight to watch him so.

We get an update everyday of his experience in school, about all his teachers, school friends,van friends in his own explanatory version.We hardly remember of days when he has refused to go to school.

He now understands he has to move to a big school but not sure if he actually understands that he has now become too big for small world.

We will cherish his 2 years of experience here and will always be so very grateful to all the Teachers who have molded him.

If anybody asks us for recommendation, SMALL WORLD is where we will guide them.

Heartfelt gratitude to your exemplary education imparted 

to our Son.

Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Muthanna.

Its been two good years since my son Etash is going to Small World School. I still remember that day when he was hardly 6 months old, an aunt who stays in my apartment recommended me the school saying please put him in Small World, its one of the best schools in Bangalore as my kids have also studied under Tammy aunty.

When he was ready to join a school, I went around Indiranagar, met many teachers and principals Serra, Tara, Neev, Euro kids etc etc.. I finally came to Small World. I wanted to check other schools before I could visit Small world just to see the difference between them and Small World.

When I met Tammy aunty I felt she was so realistic, no false promises no fake expectations like other schools what they usually do to get admission.

She took me around the school & discussed casually about Etash. My husband and I was so happy as finally someone didn't give us false hopes & tried to sell their school, details about how schools can make difference.

Tammy aunty was clear as crystal about her ideology and believes. The teachers are so loving, caring and they take such good care of kids.

 Etash was a shy kid and within months I saw so many changes in him.

Small World School might not look as fancy as the other schools in Bangalore, but can assure you that you would be surprised seeing your kids growth.

Being in nursery Etash knows A-Z and even write,Nursery Rhymes, he can write his name and other few words, he knows number from 1-50, his general knowledge

has increased, he knows the National Anthem, March-pass....., etc . I can just keep on writing about the various changes I have seen in my

 son in last 2 years. There is no pressure on my child.  Etash's reasoning capability & practical learning has got better,  thanks to Small World School. We as parents always have this habit of comparison,  name any school and compare a small world kid there would be a huge difference. 

I have great respect for Tammy aunty and no words can express my thanks to her for educating my son and making his foundation strong.

Thanks maam... We'l miss you...

Dear Tammy Aunty,

Our child Jishnu would be completing 2 academic years in Small World. We thought of sharing our wonderful experience during this journey. I still remember those days when Jishnu was not at all comfortable going school as he was super sensitive boy. As parents we were nervous thinking how he would overcome this and when he would be starting to feel comfortable.

Miracle does happen. We started believing that such Miracle happens only in Small world. Tammy Aunty transformed our Son completely. Our son who was not comfortable going school started liking the school so much so that, his interest rose steeply. We saw drastic improvement in his behavior, mannerisms, Art work and learning abilities. He independently does his homework himself, without our help. He has improved by leaps and bounds.

Every day he comes home with big smile and narrates the entire adventure happened in the school and describe every day's new learning, be it going to post office, magic show, Christmas party, gift and the lovely stamps on the home work pages and hands. All of these motivate every kid and my kid too.

I would like to wrap up by thanking Tammy aunty and wonderful teachers for showing increditable love, encouragement and care in nurturing our son. Jishnu is going to cherish this wonderful journey and solid foundation throughout his life.

We wish Tammy aunty and Small World many more teaching years ahead, because Small World is the best world for the kids.

Best Regards,

Shobha & Ram Kishan Singh

It was summer of 2012, when we started hunting for a good pre-school in Bangalore for our 1.5 year old son then. We had just moved into Bangalore a year ago and were clueless on the good pre-schools here. We happened to be conversing with one of our neighbors and we heard good views about Small World. We went right away to meet Mrs Tehmina Barker after seeking an appointment with her. The vibes were positive right from the word “GO” and we didn't even hesitate a bit before blocking a seat for my son for the next academic year and we did so in early July 2012. Our son joined in Jun 2013 and within a month, we received a complaint from the teachers on his mischievousness and hyperactivity. We spoke to the teachers and they advised us to make efforts at home to make changes in his behavior so that he behaves and becomes calmer in the school. We were gravely concerned then since we thought that the school should be able to handle such kids and give some time for the kids to settle down in the school. We were worried about our decision on the choice of school since we had selected Small World without visiting other schools. We were actually expecting more such instances in the immediate future since our son was very hyper active then but to our delight, we never received any such calls during that year or for that matter in the remaining time that he spent in Small World.

Looking back, we realized it was probably the best way for us to begin our son's schooling journey since the school made us very alert and we surely made more efforts to ensure that our son becomes disciplined and gets himself prepared for the next level of schooling. Infact Mrs Barker, fondly called as Tammy aunty by all students, ensured that a communication channel is always established between parents and herself, and she never ever stepped back before giving the true picture of the child's development at each stage. We worked harder on each and every feedback given by the teachers and especially Mrs Barker and today when he is leaving the school after 2 long years, we are extremely contended that our son spent the best initial years of learning at Small World.

Small World has a unique way of teaching and interacting with the kids. The teachers spends a lot of time with the students and ensures that learning happens on a daily basis be it through writing, reciting rhymes, watching videos, going on field trips or through various assignments undertaken by the students. We would also want to specifically emphasize on the depth of the analytical assignments handled by the students of this age. We can surely say that the school prepares every kid for the challenges that he/she would face as a student in the Higher School. We, parents of Raunak Biswas, would take this opportunity to thank all the Teachers and especially Mrs Barker for making our son's initial years of learning so much enriching, playful and enjoyable. Needless to say, Raunak will surely miss all his aunties in the school. Thanks once again to everyone.

- Deepnil & Piyali Biswas

It was a great experience to be associated with the Small world. It has transformed my son in to a better kid. My son was very reluctant to go to school during the first half year at our home town. We too were very apprehensive when he shifted to Bangalore and joined him to the Small world. But everything changed after he joined.

Your method of allowing parent to stay with the kid for initial one week worked out magically for my kid. I appreciate your methodology. Now he never likes to stay off from the Small world, even on holidays. He started socializing with the friends. Language was a big barrier for him, as he was taught in Kannada for the first half year. By the year end he has overcome this by communicating in English.

I appreciate your teaching with playing. Kids really enjoy it. His teachers were very supportive and caring. My son's weekly teaching and weekend homework were very systematic. Regular performance report and inputs from your end were very helpful in guiding him. I really thank Miss Tehmina Barker whole heartedly for being instrumental in planning and executing all the curriculum and discipline.

We as parents of Aditya Jaka, can never forget our association with the “wonderful Small World”.

Dr Rajshekhar C Jaka
Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Northside & Malathi Manipal hospital
Associate Consultant, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Ms. Barker - I am writing to thank you and the entire Small World team for giving our child a wonderful experience. In the short time since Kabir joined Small World we have seen him grow in confidence. Kabir loved going to school. It was a joy to hear from him about the various activities in school (especially the his trips to the post office; aquarium etc.).

Thank you once again.