Our Little Story

Small World Preschool and Advancement Academy, is a full-service child development facility that molds and cares for toddlers from age two and a half to six.

Founded in 1987 by Tehmina Barker, Small World has been consistently rated as one of the best Pre schools in Bangalore incorporating the best of the Montessori & Play way Method of teaching. After 30 years of experience in child education and over 3000+ students, Small World is a full-service child development facility with their new state-of-the-art child compliant facility and advanced child development curriculum.

Through specialized training of the staff and innovative learning systems, Small World is cutting edge in terms of child development. The extended curriculum, coupled with a new custom designed facility and a low teacher: student ratio ensures dedicated attention to each child and parent.

Small World, over the years has received continued endorsements and acceptance from Frank Anthony Public School, National Public School, Bishop Cottons High School, Cambridge International School & Pristine High School which has been the strongest testament to the caliber of graduating students.

Our Philosophy

As your child starts to approach two years of age we are all faced with the challenging decision of where to enroll them for that all important Preschool year. School Readiness has become increasingly important as educational expectations continue to rise. Brain development is highest during the first four years of life. The brain is forming important neural paths to help develop the child’s ability to perform and function and learn well. Children are able to learn at a rapid rate and want and need to learn new information.

It is our belief that a comprehensive and holistic Preschool Program is an essential part of a child’s life and their learning journey and transition to school. At the core of our Program is the curriculum. This provides the framework around which all of our learning activities are structured. These activities are delivered by fully qualified teachers and educators using specific learning contexts that are designed to maximise learning outcomes. In addition, our Program is supplemented by extracurricular enrichment activities provided by specialist teachers visiting the service on a scheduled basis.

Our aim is to ensure that each and every child that graduates from our Preschool Program is fully prepared for their next educational step. We are passionate about this responsibility and have created a unique learning experience for all children to allow them to excel in their big, bright futures.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates the best of the Montessori Method of teaching and the best of the Playway method of teaching and is developed with reference to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), an internationally approved framework designed to ensure that children in all early childhood education and care settings, receive quality teaching to achieve required learning and advancement outcomes.

At the very heart of our Curriculum is the view that early childhood is a time when exploring notions of “being”, “belonging” and “becoming” are essential to the development of identity, cognitive reasoning and wellbeing. In the context of School Readiness, the curriculum creates the framework around which all of the interactions, activities and experiences, both planned and unplanned occur. This ensures that your child is fully prepared in every way possible for effective transition to the new set of learning objectives in the school environment.

Our holistic learning approach includes the following arears of focus:

Language & Literacy

  • Storytelling
  • Dramatic arts/role play
  • Communication

Mathematical Learning

  • Numbers and measurement
  • Shapes and spatial awareness
  • Patterning, sorting and classifying

Expressive Arts

  • Drama and dance
  • Art, design and music

Outdoor & Physical Activity

  • Movement and coordination
  • Gross motor skill development

Environment and Sustainability

  • Caring for the world we live in
  • Understanding the environment

Family and Community

  • Diversity
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Shared decision making

Science and Technology

  • Enquiry and investigation
  • Collecting and organising data
  • Understanding the use of computers/ipads/whiteboards

Independence & Responsibility

  • Caring for self & for others (empathy)
  • Contributing to a group constructively
  • Personal care and hygiene

Social & Emotional Development

  • Understanding feelings
  • Demonstrating self-control


Our team of bachelor qualified teachers and diploma qualified educators are responsible for integrating the requirements of the curriculum into our learning contexts, to ensure that your child’s learning outcomes are achieved.

Some of the day to day tasks that they will perform with your child include:

  • Promote language and cognitive development
  • Plan and teach a play-based curriculum
  • Plan incursions and excursions to extend on learning
  • Observe children to evaluate & record progress
  • Assist with personal hygiene
  • Promote health and safety concepts
  • Encourage empathy, cooperation & respect
  • Encourage and promote positive attitudes towards learning

In addition, our teams undergo regular professional and teaching development programs to ensure that practices are consistent with industry best practice. Our teachers and educators are both professional and passionate, key attributes required when caring for your child.

The quality of our Program is a direct result of not only the environments in which our Program is set but also the quality of the teaching and educational team.