Small World Day Care

Small World Day Care is safe, fun and well supervised environment to leave your child, where they can enjoy a few hours of exciting activities, making friends and learn along the way!

With Hourly Child care as well as Monthly Child care options available, parents now have a safe trusted place where they can leave their children at any time during working hours on any day of the week.

What Small World Day Care provides on a daily basis

  • The opportunity to engage in organized sports and physical activities
  • Complete homework and Develop good study habits, and be assisted by a qualified teacher
  • Actively learn about such things as health, fitness and safety
  • Assist your child to gain confidence, learn independence skills, and discover the fun of learning.

Our after school Day Care will give your child an experience they can build on and use their entire life!


  • Open for children from the age groups from 2.5 years to 8 years.
  • After School Day Care is open from 1:00pm to 6:00pm from Monday to Fridays, and 10:00am to 12:00pm for our Saturday workshops.
  • We have both Hourly Child Care and Monthly Child Care options available for parents.


*Our counselors have been selected for their experience and enthusiasm in working with Children. Our counselors are committed to making each day full of discovery and learning for every child.

The Study Hub : A quiet well organized room where our homework assistant will help your child in completing their homework assignments.

Bookworm’s Nook: A great way to encourage your child to read and explore the world of books and storytelling with our staff.

Creative Corner: Children that love to use their hands will love this. With clay modeling, drawing, painting and a lot more exciting crafts…our educators will be there to guide them and show them new techniques as well.

Blocks and Boards: Filled with board games, puzzles, Lego, modeling kits and more, your child will learn and enjoy community paly.

Rumpus Room : A well supervised outdoor and indoor play area for children. Children can enjoy themselves playing in the ball pit, tricycles, cars and also get exposure to a host of sports like football, cricket etc.

Performance Factory: Audio and visuals can also be a great way to learn. Children can also choose to watch educational and interesting programs on nature, animals the world etc. Here they can also be part of the dance classes that are organized.

*All areas and stations will be supervised by our experienced and qualified staff members at all times.


Kids have different levels of energy from day to day- they might feel like reading on one afternoon, or playing with friends on another- whatever they feel like doing, your children have the freedom of choosing what they feel like doing.

Our aim is to encourage children to be independent and confidant – while making new friends and growing creatively.

In addition to this we will have weekly planned workshop/ classes that they can be a part of- The schedule will be shared with you on a weekly/ monthly basis and you can enroll your child accordingly.

Arts & Crafts: learning how to draw, painting, origami, clay modeling etc.

Reading & Storytelling: Sessions that encourage and help children to read and build confidence in diction and language.

Sports & physical fitness: Introduction to various sports and physical fitness like yoga and exercise encouraging children to develop an interest and liking towards being active in constructive way.

Nature & Gardening: In these organized sessions children will learn an appreciation for nature and how to identify plant and grow different foliage.

Homework assistance: If you are busy, or are unable to attend to your child’s homework. Our counselors will be available for homework assistance and to ensure that your child’s daily assignments have been completed. (As the children complete their assignments they will be directed to another activity to help keep the study area quiet for the children who are still working)