Deepnil & Piyali Biswas – Parents of Raunak

It was the summer of 2012, when we started hunting for a good pre-school in Bangalore for our 1.5 year old son. We had just moved into Bangalore a year ago and were clueless on the good pre-schools here. We happened to be conversing with one of our neighbors and we heard good views about Small World. We went right away to meet Mrs. Tehmina Barker after seeking an appointment with her. The vibes were positive right from the word “GO” and we didn’t even hesitate a bit before blocking a seat for my son for the next academic year and we did so in early July 2012.

Small World has a unique way of teaching and interacting with the kids. The teachers spends a lot of time with the students and ensures that learning happens on a daily basis be it through writing, reciting rhymes, watching videos, going on field trips or through various assignments undertaken by the students. We would also want to specifically emphasize on the depth of the analytical assignments handled by the students of this age. We can surely say that the school prepares every kid for the challenges that he/she would face as a student in the Higher School. We, parents of Raunak Biswas, would take this opportunity to thank all the Teachers and especially Mrs Barker for making our son’s initial years of learning so much enriching, playful and enjoyable. Needless to say, Raunak will surely miss all his aunties in the school. Thanks once again to everyone.