Dhiraj and Gitika Gupta – Parents of Aishanvi

Magic does happen!

To start with, allow me to offer a toast to myself for the decision to get ‘Aishanvi’ to join Small World, a decision to cherish forever, and its all for one person the effervescent yet engrossed educationist, curious and loving, a trailblazer, an entrepreneur and a totally ‘striking personality’ who has touched many lives and changed them for good.

If you ask me – Magic does happen when the master magician Mrs. Tammy is around and she has touched our lives with her magic wand of thorough experience in cultivating the right amount of knowledge, spirit and all round development in her pupil.

The ingredients are to perfection and the Master Chef with her expert crew is bringing international standards of education to our children, we couldn’t be luckier….

Its just the mystical powers of Mrs. Tammy, we have been grinning and beaming all the way with the transformation of our daughter’s behaviour, her interest in school went from zero to zoom, the cute yet accurate vocabulary, her refined mannerisms, her interest in ‘homework’, her enthusiasm to go to school and her genuine fondness for Mrs. Tammy who showered incredible love on Tutu and all the kids in school….

Every other week was like ‘surprise surprise’ when she used to utter really tough words effortlessly and accurately while walking the walk and talking the talk!

It was a learning experience not just for our kid, but for us too. We all learned together to reach great heights without much brouhaha and Mrs. Tammy’s teaching style has filled our house with brightness and ambitiousness.

Every small and big thing like going to the market place, the tiny fish we got home, the drawings and paintings, those lovely stamps on homework pages, the tattoos and so much more, but of all it was her personal touch for each kid is what awakened my kid too – we saw the miracle happen!

Aishanvi is in a perfect world when she is at school with Mrs. Tammy around, she has gained the vocab of an orator and confidence of an emperor. This is all happening in front of our eyes th tiny little girl was becoming an introvert before and then Small World brought out her natural flair, added dollops of love and realistic coaching and brought the real enthusiastic self of my kid to the fore.

While there is much more to write for awestruck parents like us about this magnificent institute, I will just wrap my thoughts up with these words – We are completely delighted with the attitude that our kid has acquired at Small World and it’s all due to to the vivacious, humble and loving Mrs. Tammy and her wonderful staff.

We wish her great health and astounding success in all she does and that she continues to change lives the way only she can do…

Cheers to Small World School and we just don’t have enough words to thank the Magician enough!

Lots of love….