Dilshad Bhargava – Parent of Jahanara

My daughter, Jahanara passed out from Small World.She was there for 3 years.

Loved it from the beginning till the time she left. Very very fond of Mrs. Barker as she really encouraged her in her writing and her art. Janu loved the art room. Mrs. Barker had a very systematic way of teaching when she taught the kids to write she did strokes first the kids hands became steady because of this so when they went into the mainstream they coped very well.

She gave out fantastic worksheets they were really interesting made them colour it sometimes. When Jahanara got into Bishop Cottons her foundation was so solid she did brilliantly till the time she was there. Even in Goa she did really well and was praised for her handwriting which of course the beginning was at small world.

The atmosphere, the love, the encouragement, the care, she got at small world she still remembers today and sends a teacher’s day card to Mrs. Barker every year. She is what she is today because of a well grounded school atmosphere at the age of 3.