DJ Ivan & Roshnee Nilkon- Parents of Shayna

Do not control her free spirit ever and watch the heights Shayna reaches”, are the words the amazing Mrs. Barker told us when we went to pick up our daughter on her “graduation day” at Small Wonder back in the year 2005. And she could not be more right! The confidence with what those tiny tots walk out of Small World, the amazing grasp on vocabulary, the skills they procure are something only a magician can inculcate in children .

Small World is one of the best pre-schools we would recommend any parent looking around to put their children into. Its a place our kids woke up with a huge smile and ran into the gates of each morning and its a place we hold very dear in our hearts as we give all the credit to Mrs. Barker and the solid foundation she has given our 2 children.

If only there was more than One Small world and if only there were many more Mrs. Barker’s, children all around the city would be blessed!