Dr Rajshekhar C Jaka – Surgical Oncologist, Manipal hospital – Parents of Aditya

It was a great experience to be associated with the Small world. It has transformed my son into a better kid.

At first my son was very reluctant to go to school during the first half year at our home town where we livced. But then we shifted to Bangalore.
We were a bit apprehensive when we shifted to Bangalore and put him into Small world. But everything changed after he joined.

Your method of allowing parents to stay with the kid for initial one week worked out magically for my kid. I appreciate your methodology. Now he never likes to stay away from Small world, even on holidays. He started socializing with friends. Language was a big barrier for him, as he was taught in Kannada for the first half year. By the year end he had overcome this by communicating in English.

I appreciate your teaching with playing. Kids really enjoy it. His teachers were very supportive and caring. My son’s weekly teaching and weekend homework were very systematic. Regular performance report and inputs from your end were very helpful in guiding him. I really thank Mrs.Barker whole heartedly for being instrumental in planning and executing all the curriculum and discipline.

We as parents of Aditya Jaka, can never forget our association with the “wonderful Small World”.