Durga – Parent of Kruthilayaa

When I think of Small World, the first thought that comes to my mind is that “Her grownding is laid by the best people at the best place”.

I am amazed with what kind of wonders had happened here In shaping her personality. The way she picked up the vocabulary, her verbal communication. The way she has developed her skills in arts and crafts. I understand the extent of attention the kids receive at the school in the way Mrs. Barker explains the finest detail about how she performs each activity.

They understand the strength and weakness of the kid that helps them to guide them in the right way. They have taken interest in taking the kids to outdoor activities like trip to HAL exhibition, Post office, dental visit etc.

The parties like Children’s day, Christmas party, Market day etc.. that happened in the school were really a refresher for the kids and I saw them enjoying to a very great extent. Mrs. Barker & Small world are the buzz words for my kid. Even during her play time she tries to imitate her Tammy Aunty and she wants me to play the role of Shanta Aunty and the game goes on.

She loves small world to an extent that she would make a lot of fuss to stay at home even during sickness.
Overall, I would recommend SMALL WORLD to whomever I know since I am completely satisfied with the place and what she has learnt from here. And I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Mrs.Barker and the team of teachers who worked in shaping up Kruthilayaa.