Kanwaldeep and Jasleen – Parents of Nimrit

Our little princess spent just one year at Small World. How we wish if we could have relocated to Bangalore sooner and relish the charms of this school for some more time. Small World has been a wonderful and transforming journey for our little princess. Not even once did she throw trantrums for not going to school. And here is why:

Teachers handle the kids very well, we never heard of any teacher scolding a child. Emphasis is given on grammatically correct spoken English and this resulted in drastic improvement of the language in our child. Not to mention the high confidence level that it brings alongwith. Kids are encouraged to say or ask anything without getting reprimanded. We found teaching style of English alphabet to be very methodical. It started with simple letters like L,T,I,H,E,F…..unlike the conventional sequential A,B,C,D…… And the various interesting tattoos on back of the hands, which our child was super-excited to show at home.

Our special heartfelt thanks to the school for making field-trips so memorable and pleasurable. Kids do enjoy going outdoors, come home happily and forget about it the next day. But our special thanks is attributed to the fact that each field trip is concluded by a memento which the child carries home and so remembers it 🙂 For example, trip to a dentist clinic was concluded by gifting each kid a toothbrush, thus emphasising on the importance of brushing. Few of the trips which we remember:

Trip to – Memento

Dentist – Toothbrush
Post Office – Postcard (containing tiny cute drawing and colouring by our kid; and we have kept it in the memoirs for gifting her when she grows up.)
Aquarium – Fish (Which is all grown up now!)
Nursery – Plant
Pottery – Pot

It was such a delight to see our little one taking care of these small special gifts and learning about big things of life in a small way.
Another remarkable concept of teaching value of money is the Market Day which the school conducts towards the end of academic year. Kids are required to carry 5 rupee coins and they can buy whatever item they want from different categories – veggies/fruits/chocolates/snacks. What a simple yet wonderful concept for small little wonders.

Finally, how we wish the school could upgrade to class XII and kids never have to leave such a loving and open environment. A distant dream though!

Thanks a million to Tammy mam and all the staff for letting our little one blossom into a confident and daring human being.

Thanks a lot.