M. Lokaraj – Secretary – Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce Industry – Grandparent of Kandan KL

I am writing on behalf of my grandson KANDAN K.L. about our wonderful experience of Small World Nursery School.

We were fortunate to know about the school through Ms. Ranjini, Manager, SBM who was instrumental in Kandan joining the school.

We consider that the two years that Kandan spent with Small World was the happiest, with tremendous improvement in Kandan’s learning ability, spoken English, articulation and other activities. We are grateful for the school for the special interest it takes in teaching the children in all activities, behavior, teaching methods as well as outdoor activities such as visit to post office, HAL exhibition etc.

The school not only helped Kandan in his learning abilities but also was instrumental in the admission to FAPS.

We will always be grateful for the school and its wonderful teachers and particularly your personal involvement in the growth and improvement of Kandan.

Kandan’s parents M.L.Karthik and Vasanthi Karthik joins me in thanking you and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

With kind & warm regards,