Mr and Mrs Muthanna – Parents of Neil

Wowww… what an experience we have had through our child at Small World. Absolutely overwhelmed to write this.

Kudos to the entire staff who have groomed and guided our little Son to a smart , well mannered little boy.

When our child Neil Devaya joined Small World we were anxious first time parents with so many thoughts running through our minds.It just took him 2 weeks to feel comfortable at school and he’s grown each passing day with so much of love and laughter here.

He has learnt to identify, reason, to differentiate good and bad, to treat people equally and to share all his amazing thoughts and ideas and all this through the numerous practical experiences in school and school off sites.We owe Small World the credit of it all.

He loves writing and reading by himself and he asks us when in doubt.He does all this with his own will and its an absolute delight to watch him so.

We get an update everyday of his experience in school, about all his teachers, school friends,van friends in his own explanatory version.We hardly remember of days when he has refused to go to school.

He now understands he has to move to a big school but not sure if he actually understands that he has now become too big for small world.

We will cherish his 2 years of experience here and will always be so very grateful to all the Teachers who have molded him.

If anybody asks us for recommendation, SMALL WORLD is where we will guide them.

Heartfelt gratitude to your exemplary education imparted

to our Son.

Thank you.