Parents of Etash

Its been two good years since my son Etash has been going to Small World. I still remember that day when he was hardly 6 months old, an aunt who stays in my apartment recommended me the school saying please put him in Small World, its one of the best schools in Bangalore as my kids have also studied under Mrs. Barker.

When he was ready to join a school, I went around Indiranagar, met many teachers and principals Serra, Tara, Neev, Euro kids etc etc. I finally came to Small World. I wanted to check other schools before I could visit Small world just to see the difference between them and Small World.

When I met Mrs. Barker I felt she was so realistic, no false promises no fake expectations like other schools what they usually do to get admission.

She took me around the school & discussed casually about Etash. My husband and I was so happy as finally someone didn’t give us false hopes & tried to sell their school, details about how schools can make difference.

Mrs. Barker was clear as crystal about her ideology and believes. The teachers are so loving, caring and they take such good care of kids.

Etash was a shy kid and within months I saw so many changes in him. Small World School might not look as fancy as the other schools in Bangalore, but can assure you that you would be surprised seeing your kids growth.

Being in nursery Etash knows his A-Z and can even write, Nursery Rhymes, he can write his name and other few words, he knows number from 1-50 and even his general knowledge has increased, he knows the National Anthem, March-pass etc. I can just keep on writing about the various changes I have seen in my son in last 2 years. There is no pressure on my child. Etash’s reasoning capability & practical learning has got better, thanks to Small World School. We as parents always have this habit of comparison, name any school and compare a small world kid there would be a huge difference.

I have great respect for Mrs. Barker and no words can express my thanks to her for educating my son and making his foundation strong.

Thanks maam… We willmiss you.