Parents of Sree Nair

When it was time to put my daughter into a pre primary school, as parents our unanimous decision was to put in Small World.
As a parent if believe in development and character of a child, the school which the child is attending plays an equally if not more important role as the parents and believe me Small World did the same for our daughter.

For instance, I remember the first time I took her there, she was not able to converse well with the other children as she was used to speaking her mother tongue. But within a course of two months she evolved into a beautiful communicator, she was clear in her ex-pression and vocabulary. Now it’s been two years and the changes which I see in her are really satisfactory as far as her age is concerned.

We wanted a school where is she happy and could grow and learn. It’s a great place. Teachers are excellent and I am very happy with school.