Shobha & Ram Kishan Singh – Parents of Jishnu

Dear Mrs. Barker,

Our child Jishnu would be completing 2 academic years in Small World. We thought of sharing our wonderful experience during this journey. I still remember those days when Jishnu was not at all comfortable going school as he was super sensitive boy. As parents we were nervous thinking how he would overcome this and when he would be starting to feel comfortable.

Miracles do happen. We started believing that such Miracles happens only in Small world. Mrs. Barker transformed our Son completely. Our son who was not comfortable going school started liking the school so much so that, his interest rose steeply. We saw drastic improvement in his behavior, mannerisms, art work and learning abilities. He independently does his homework himself, without our help. He has improved by leaps and bounds.

Every day he comes home with big smile and narrates the entire adventure happened in the school and describe every day’s new learning, be it going to post office, magic show, Christmas party, gifts and the lovely stamps on the home work pages and hands. All of these motivate every kid and my kid too.

I would like to wrap up by thanking Mrs. Barker and all the wonderful teachers for showing increditable love, encouragement and care in nurturing our son. Jishnu is going to cherish this wonderful journey and solid foundation throughout his life.

We wish Mrs. Barker and Small World many more teaching years ahead, because Small World is the best world for the kids.