Deepnil & Piyali Biswas – Parents of Raunak

It was the summer of 2012, when we started hunting for a good pre-school in Bangalore for our 1.5 year old son. We had just moved into Bangalore a year ago and were clueless on the good pre-schools here. We

Shobha & Ram Kishan Singh – Parents of Jishnu

Dear Mrs. Barker, Our child Jishnu would be completing 2 academic years in Small World. We thought of sharing our wonderful experience during this journey. I still remember those days when Jishnu was not at all comfortable going school as

Parents of Etash

Its been two good years since my son Etash has been going to Small World. I still remember that day when he was hardly 6 months old, an aunt who stays in my apartment recommended me the school saying please

Lakshmi Nayar – Parent of Nayar

"My son spent one academic year at Small World, and we feel it's the best decision we've made for his education so far. The school has very effectively shaped his talents and brought out new ones from within. Small World