Durga – Parent of Kruthilayaa

When I think of Small World, the first thought that comes to my mind is that “Her grownding is laid by the best people at the best place”. I am amazed with what kind of wonders had happened here In

DJ Ivan & Roshnee Nilkon- Parents of Shayna

Do not control her free spirit ever and watch the heights Shayna reaches", are the words the amazing Mrs. Barker told us when we went to pick up our daughter on her "graduation day" at Small Wonder back in the

Dilshad Bhargava – Parent of Jahanara

My daughter, Jahanara passed out from Small World.She was there for 3 years. Loved it from the beginning till the time she left. Very very fond of Mrs. Barker as she really encouraged her in her writing and her art.

Biju George – Parent of Joel Mathew Paalamootil

Mrs. Barker and her team of teachers are like experienced and expert conductors, knowing the strength and weakness of every child, improving and orchestrating their growth in these early formative years. The way they manage and polish these raw bundles

Parents of Sree Nair

When it was time to put my daughter into a pre primary school, as parents our unanimous decision was to put in Small World. As a parent if believe in development and character of a child, the school which the

Kanwaldeep and Jasleen – Parents of Nimrit

Our little princess spent just one year at Small World. How we wish if we could have relocated to Bangalore sooner and relish the charms of this school for some more time. Small World has been a wonderful and