Veema & Subaiah – Parents of Aayusshi

Admitting our daughter Aayusshi to Small World Nursery School in Indiranagar was one of the best decision we have taken.

There was never a single day that our daughter wanted to miss the school. This is a proof that she was enjoying, having fun and most importantly learning new things. The unique and systematic way of teaching helped our daughter to understand things easily.

Small World has great teachers. Starting from Ms. Tehmina Barker, Ms. Shantha, Ms. Neevi…. And also a wonderful set of friends. All these names have become part of our lives and we are grateful for the attention and care they provide for our daughter.

We are sure, the strength and confidence our daughter gained in the last 2 years will help her overcome any obstacles in future.

We would also like to express our warm thanks to everyone at Small World for mentally preparing our daughter to welcome her younger sister to this world.

Thank you Ms. Tehmina Barker and all the staff for creating such a wonderful place and nurturing young minds.